There are a few things that every homeowner should always know, no matter what. One of them being, where the shutoff valve is for the water.

I can’t tell you how many times we have gone out to an emergency call in the small hours of the morning, and there’s water blasting out of the ceiling because the customer didn’t know where to shut the water off.

Water, generally speaking, comes into the building in one place, and that’s in your foundation. So, if you’ve got a typical house you’re going to go down to the front of your basement stairs, and you might have to turn right or turn left. It might be right in front of you.

You’re going to see that copper pipe coming straight in. There’s going to be a valve of some sort, and it’s going to run through the water meter. Okay?

In the suburbs, in newer homes, you’re going to have a newer valve. That’s going to be usually a ball valve which is that red or yellow lever handle type valve that you most likely have seen. That just kind of swings off and it’s shut. OK. So, if you have an explosion, a pipe burst, or something like that, with the water lines, you’re going to want to be able to run down to shut that valve off.

Keep your valve accessible. It’s very important! You might not think it is, but I promise, you will if something happens in the home.

Know Where Your Water Shut Off Valve Is

If you’re not sure where your water shut off valve is, please call us, your local Glendale contractor, and we’d be happy to advise you over the phone of where you should look for your water shut off valve!

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